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Morgan Stanley to Sell Stake to China Amid Loss

Morgan Stanley to Sell Stake to China Amid Loss

Published: December 19, 2007
Morgan Stanley posted its first quarterly loss ever on Wednesday after taking an additional $5.7 billion write-down related to subprime mortgages. The investment bank said it would sell a $5 billion stake to the China Investment Corporation, that country’s sovereign wealth fund, to shore up its capital.

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The sale, which would give China about a 9.9 percent stake in one of Wall Street’s biggest investment banks, is the latest example of a foreign investor shoring up a Western financial firm in the wake of the housing meltdown.

Morgan Stanley’s $3.59 billion loss for the fourth quarter, or $3.61 a share, was a sharp drop from the $1.98 billion, or $1.87 a share, it earned in the period a year earlier. Analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News had expected a loss of 39 cents a share.

With the second write-down, Morgan Stanley has now lowered the value of its subprime holdings by $9.4 billion, one of the largest devaluations on Wall Street. In a statement, the bank’s chief executive, John J. Mack, said he took full responsibility and would forgo a bonus for 2007.

“The write-down Morgan Stanley took this quarter is deeply disappointing — to me, to our colleagues, to our board and to our shareholders,” he said. “Ultimately, accountability for our results rests with me, and I believe in pay for performance, so I’ve told our compensation committee that I will not accept a bonus for 2007.”

That write-down took its toll on Morgan Stanley’s institutional securities business, which posted a pretax loss of $6.48 million, down from the $2.2 million it earned in the period a year earlier. Its net revenue was a loss of $3.4 billion compared with net revenue of $5.5 billion last year.

The brunt of that was absorbed by the firm’s fixed-income sales and trading business, which recorded a steep loss of $7.9 billion. That compares with the $2.3 billion in net revenue it earned last year, a stark illustration of how the firm’s aggressive move into the trading of mortgage-backed securities backfired as the housing markets declined.

Morgan Stanley’s drastic losses may heighten speculation about the fate of Mr. Mack, who returned to the firm in 2005 after the removal of his predecessor, Philip J. Purcell. One of Mr. Mack’s signature changes at the firm was to push it further into trading using its own capital, an effort to emulate its most profitable rival, Goldman Sachs. Goldman reported a modest gain in fourth-quarter profit on Tuesday.

Similar trading losses at Merrill Lynch and Citigroup led to the ouster of the chief executives at those firms and engendered talk about a similar move against Bear Stearns’s chief executive, James E. Cayne. Bear reports its fourth-quarter results on Thursday and is also expected to take a loss.

Mr. Mack has already reshuffled his bank’s management, most notably by firing Zoe Cruz, his heir apparent and the executive who managed Morgan Stanley’s trading operations.

Not all of Morgan Stanley’s news on Wednesday was negative. The firm’s global wealth management business reported net income of $378 million for the quarter, up 124 percent compared with figures in the period a year earlier. Its asset management unit’s income reported $294 million in net income for the quarter, a slight gain over last year.

And even its institutional securities unit had some bright spots. Morgan Stanley’s financial advisory business, including advising companies in mergers and acquisitions transactions, reported $779 million in revenue, a 30 percent increase owing to higher deal flow. However, that may fall off in the near future as tighter credit markets potentially hamper deal making.

The firm’s equity sales and trading revenues, as opposed to its debt trading, reported $2.5 billion in revenue, a 72 percent increase over the same time last year.

In taking a major investment by the China Investment Corporation, Morgan Stanley is following a model set by Citigroup and UBS, two other financial giants badly damaged by their exposure to securities backed by risky home loans. Citigroup sold a 4.9 percent stake to Abu Dhabi’s investment arm, while UBS sold stakes to the Singapore government and an unidentified Middle Eastern investor.

The stake taken by the investment firm will be passive and give no special rights to name directors, Morgan Stanley said in a statement. C.I.C. will purchase equity units that will be converted into common shares on Aug. 17, 2010, at prices between a still-undetermined reference price and a premium of 20 percent to that price. The units will pay a fixed annual rate of 9 percent on a quarterly basis.

“We are delighted to welcome C.I.C. as a long-term investor in Morgan Stanley and believe it is an important step in increasing the flow of capital between our countries and across these increasingly critical markets,” Mr. Mack said in the statement. “The investment from C.I.C. will help to strengthen our deep ties in these growth markets and ensure that Morgan Stanley has the resources necessary to pursue growth opportunities globally across our institutional securities, global wealth management and asset management businesses into 2008 and beyond.”

The deal marks an abrupt shift in strategy for the $200 billion China Investment Corporation and underlines the extent to which the government fund appears to be under the direct control of China’s leaders.

Lou Jiwei, the fund’s chairman, said in a speech at a financial forum on Nov. 29 that the fund sought liquidity and would mainly invest in financial instruments like index products. Mr. Li also said that the fund, which has fewer than two dozen employees, would start hiring foreign experts before making more overseas investments.

Officials knowledgeable about the fund also said that two-thirds of its money would be used to shore up China’s domestic banking industry, leaving only a third for overseas investments.

The investment fund declined to comment late Wednesday on its deal with Morgan Stanley. But a person close to the fund’s activities said that the decision to make the investment had been little expected by the fund’s staff.

The China Investment Corporation is under the control of China’s finance ministry, with some influence as well from the People’s Bank of China, the country’s central bank. There has been discussion in the Chinese government over whether even more foreign currency should be injected into the investment fund, as the People’s Bank of China continues to accumulate $1 billion a day as it buys up dollars to prevent the value of China’s currency from rising in international markets.

News Releases
China Investment Corporation establishes Representative Office in TorontoJanuary 20, 2011: China Investment Corporation (CIC) opened its first overseas representative office - CIC Representative Office in Toroton, on January 20, 2011. CIC Toronto Office will serve as a platform for deepening the business cooperation and friendly relationship with local companies and for further exploring investment opportunities for CIC in Canada. CIC has appointed Mr. Felix Chee as Chief Representative of CIC Toronto Office. Mr. Chee previously served as Special Advisor to Chief Investment Officer of CIC.

China sovereign wealth fund opens first foreign office in Toronto
TORONTO, Jan. 20 (Xinhua) - China's sovereign wealth fund, China Investment Corporation (CIC), on Thursday inaugurated its first foreign representative office in this Canadian city.
The move comes as the fund tries to expand its international business operations. It opened a subsidiary in Hong Kong last November.
The Toronto office is aimed at enhancing long-term cooperation with business partners and exploring new areas and opportunities for investment in Canada, company chairman and chief executive officer Lou Jiwei said.
David Emerson, former Canadian trade and foreign affairs minister and advisor of CIC International Advisory Council, said the new Canadian presence showed the fund's commitment to strengthening partnership with Canada.
Felix Chee, chief representative officer in Toronto, said that the new office would further strengthen the fund's ties with Canada, facilitate potential investment opportunities, and develop a wider network of contacts with business, regulators and government agencies.
The fund was established in September 2007 as a wholly state-owned corporation with a registered capital of 200 billion U.S. dollars.
China Investment Corporation Announces the Establishment of a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary in Hong KongNov. 7, 2010:China Investment Corporation (CIC) announces that it has established and registered a wholly-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong-CIC International (Hong Kong) Co., Limited. CIC will fully utilize Hong Kong’s position as an international financial centre as well as its world-class investment and financial services to develop and expand CIC’s investment activities outside the Mainland. CIC has appointed Professor Lawrence J. Lau to be the Chairman of CIC International (Hong Kong) Co., Limited. Prof. Lau has previously served as a Member of the International Advisory Council of CIC.
CIC was established in September 2007 as a wholly state-owned corporation in accordance with the Company Law of the People's Republic of China. Its registered capital is U.S.$ 200 billion. As the sovereign wealth fund of China, the objectives of CIC are to realise the diversification of the state’s foreign exchange assets and achieve a relatively high risk-adjusted long-term rate of return, through its investment activities outside the Mainland-principally portfolio investments with a small percentage of direct investments-operating entirely in accordance with commercial principles.

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另外,墨镜哥离开我家后,将拿走的那个电话都设置成自动转机(Forward)到另一个电话。我本人从来没有设置这种转机功能,相信墨镜哥本人不会这种设置功能,那应该是骗他走的人做的手脚。使得我在相当长的时间里无法拨通那个手机号码,或者就是说“The number you dialed is not in service。”我到电话公司询问技术人员,问他们为何我无法打通我自己的手机。他们告诉我说那个电话卡持有者设置了Forward功能,使得那个电话只能拨出,无法打进。













在2011年4月的一天,我同唐柏桥、王军等人一道饭局。饭桌上,我跟他们介绍我工作的公司摩根斯坦利有一个捐款项目,每个雇员通常都会每年捐款4000美元,公司再按1:1 或1:0.5比例另外配额捐款。捐款对象是任何免税(501C)非盈利机构。如果他们有免税账户以及相关网站,我可以将他们的帐户列在我公司的捐款网站上,一旦列上,相信会有支持中国民主事业的人给予捐款。王军立即给了我他的免税账户。唐柏桥说他也会去找到一个免税账户。我一直等唐柏桥提供这样的免税账户。我还提出,一但有人捐款,我们应该将这笔钱建立一个共同基金,由我们一道管理。














LiuGang8964 刘刚-释放艾未未
@ 唐柏桥,这就是你让墨镜哥制作的视频吗?你这个过渡政府发言人是否又兼任了中共发言人?哪个国家的发言人都不会像你这样将“逼”挂嘴上的,除非你是“傻逼政府”发言人!@BaiqiaoCh 你看看墨镜哥怎样训斥刘刚这个傻逼的吧。哈哈,这下傻眼了吧 @Scswga
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LiuGang8964 刘刚-释放艾未未
@ 你关于你是如何将一个为民主奋斗的墨镜哥和谐成一个中共代言人的许四多,足以证明你是中共骗墨镜哥回国的帮凶。你会因此遭到报应的。@BaiqiaoCh 活该。 看来不需要我再教训他了。哈哈,还八九学生领袖呢。太丢人了。@jasonxhn @scswga @hundunzhe @aiww
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LiuGang8964 刘刚-释放艾未未
@ 让大家看看,究竟是谁信口雌黄,随便撒谎,谁是没有道德底线的人!@BaiqiaoCh 你肯定刘刚信口雌黄,随便撒谎吗?那只能说明你们是一丘之貉。跟我政治观点一致的人,我不一定视为朋友;没有道德底线的人,我一定不会视为朋友。你懂吗?@Scswga @aac_
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LiuGang8964 刘刚-释放艾未未
@ 唐柏桥,看看你的发言,脏话连篇,无中生有,肆意诽谤。未免有辱过渡政府发言人这个头衔罢!你真可以跟中共发言人姜瑜一比高低了。姜瑜还不曾将“无赖傻逼”挂嘴上,胜你千百倍!@BaiqiaoCh 不想跟刘刚这样处于神经崩溃边缘的人计较。我压根儿就没想到刘刚是这样的无赖。@Scswga
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LiuGang8964 刘刚-释放艾未未
我还有一篇文章顺便提到了唐柏桥,那是对唐柏桥一再辱骂我“傻逼、骗子、精神病”的回应。关于墨镜哥回国的声明 请唐柏桥指出我哪一篇文章是胡说八道。作为过渡政府发言人,唐柏桥总不能将你的“娘逼操”挂嘴上吧! @BaiqiaoCh @Scswga
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LiuGang8964 刘刚-释放艾未未
此前,我只写过两篇文章提到了唐柏桥,都是为了寻找墨镜哥:墨镜哥被唐柏桥找到了! 墨镜哥已经被骗回国 请唐柏桥列出我议论他是非的其它文章。@BaiqiaoCh刘刚连续写了几篇文章说我的是非@Scswga
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LiuGang8964 刘刚-释放艾未未
@ 唐柏桥多次给我打电话留言,强求我给他捐款。墨镜哥制作几个视频后,唐柏桥又几次给我打电话,让我停止让墨镜哥制作反党视频。又群发电邮,说我欠他钱,对我进行诽谤。我不过是发了三篇文章,公布了唐柏桥的恐吓电邮。@BaiqiaoCh 刘刚连续写了几篇文章说我的是非;@Scswga
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1. 墨镜哥终于说明他已经回到中国大陆。这是我以及多数关心墨镜哥的朋友们所担心的。我之所以多方寻找墨镜哥许四多,就是担心他被中国国安骗回国,进而被秋后算帐。我一直劝墨镜哥不要轻信他在国安局工作的叔叔和堂姐的承诺,不可轻易回国,回国必遭清算。现在,见到墨镜哥在国内安然无恙,也就免去了对他的担心。我衷心祝愿墨镜哥在国内顺利发展,成为许四多自己所宣称的有益于中国有益于人民的爱国青年。

2. 在“许四多第31话”中,许四多公开说明,他感谢邢台国安局、河北省公安厅、中国公安部将许四多定性为“爱国青年”,给予他言论自由。许四多在邢台国安局工作的叔叔和堂姐一直对墨镜哥承诺,只要他离开反党分子刘刚,只要他不再制作反党视频,中国政府将对墨镜哥既往不咎,绝不会对墨镜哥秋后算帐。我希望中国政府及有关部门能够遵守承诺,确保墨镜哥许四多的人身安全和言论自由,不得对许四多秋后算帐。

3. 根据我对墨镜哥的了解,墨镜哥许四多是一个有才华有思想有抱负的爱国青年,人才难得。我衷心希望中国政府能够不拘一格降人才,提拔任命许四多取代姜瑜成为中国的新闻发言人,这将大大有利于改善中国的国际形象。

4. 墨镜哥在美国期间曾经制作了28个视频。除了为刘晓波和艾未未呼吁的两个视频以及辱骂王千原的视频外,其他视频大多是根据我的网络文章以及按照我的建议制作的。现在,墨镜哥宣称这些视频是反党视频,是被坏人利用,是被人蒙蔽欺骗所制作的视频,他对制作这些视频感到后悔,并从网络上取消了这些视频。我已经将这些视频又上传到网络上,我愿意为这些视频承担一切责任。如果中国政府认为这些视频是反党视频,那么请来追究我本人的刑事责任,不得以这些视频去加罪于许四多,不得以这些视频加害墨镜哥。

5. 许四多4月28日来我家,6月2日不辞而别。在这一个多月里,我们合作制作了20多个视频。这些视频足以证明许四多同我相处融洽,配合默契,从未发生任何冲突和误会。至于有人造谣说我们发生矛盾,我欺骗了许四多,等等,明眼人都能看出那是中共国安惯用的反间计,那些语言也都是中共国安所惯用的离间手段,是墨镜哥的叔叔和堂姐反反复复对墨镜哥宣传灌输的。

6. 墨镜哥对我百般辱骂,大批特批,说我是卖国贼,美国的走狗。这些话都是中共国安和五毛们的惯用语言,许四多或许就是按照中共国安准备的稿件照本宣科,未必就是许四多本人真心想表达的。墨镜哥在视频中通过辱骂我来求得他在中国大陆的生存空间,我给予充分理解和支持。如果许四多通过这样对我进行辱骂就能够减轻中共国安对他的处罚,我宁愿许四多在今后所制作的视频中都如此反复辱骂。

7. 许四多制作的视频可分为三个阶段:一是他在2011年2月前制作的视频,是属于爱国愤青型,那是他本人思想意识的真实表现。二是在墨镜哥同我合作,以墨镜哥的名义以及以中国茉莉花行动发言人身份制作的一些激励中国茉莉花革命的视频,那些视频对中国的茉莉花革命作出了不可磨灭的贡献。三是他在2011年6月2日离开我家后制作的视频,那些视频都要反复宣称“绝不再胡说八道了”,“绝不再涉及政治了”,这些视频都无疑是在外部的压力和要挟下制作的,应该说是成为某些势力的发言人和传声筒,未必代表他本人观点和政见。希望大家能够区分许四多-墨镜哥-韩飞虎在不同时期以不同网名制作的视频。

8. 许四多说“道不同不相为谋!”我对此表示理解。尽管墨镜哥公开批判我,但我将一如既往地维护墨镜哥的言论自由,维护他的人权。一旦墨镜哥遭受中共迫害,我将继续为墨镜哥呼吁,并将公布揭露那些将墨镜哥骗回国的有关人员。

9. 再次提醒墨镜哥:只有你想象不到的邪恶,没有共产党做不到的邪恶。为了骗你回国,中国国安今天定性你为“爱国青年”。但共产党随时都能以你的“橙色通缉令”作为证据以颠覆罪名起诉你,并判你无期徒刑,以便达到杀鸡儆猴之效。切不可听信共产党的话。

10. 唐柏桥因墨镜哥之事件,反复辱骂我,说我寻找墨镜哥是招摇撞骗;我说墨镜哥可能遭到中共欺骗,唐柏桥就说我是造谣污蔑。对唐柏桥的无聊纠缠,我无意做进一步的解释或辩护,因为唐柏桥对我的所有指控都是无中生有,造谣污蔑。更因为唐柏桥对我的诬陷不实之词,同中共国安对我的诬陷就是一脉相承,毫无新意。唐柏桥曾经说过他要让墨镜哥制作视频来辱骂我,我只好姑且认为许四多的第32话就是唐柏蓄谋已久所策划的。我说墨镜哥被骗回国,唐柏桥则说墨镜哥没有失踪,并说墨镜哥在他唐柏桥那里。而今,墨镜哥已经回国,这里谁是谎话连篇,谁真诚善良,就一目了然了。如果将来墨镜哥一旦遭到中共秋后算帐,那么,谁是真心爱护帮助墨镜哥,又是谁不择手段帮助中共哄骗墨镜哥回国,就更是不言自明了。

11. 我不曾指控墨镜哥偷我东西。我只是发信要墨镜哥还我的房门钥匙和车库遥控器。墨镜哥后来都不得不告知我他将这些东西所放的位置,才使得我找到这些事关我房屋财产安全的重要物品。墨镜哥现在说明他一直在使用我的电话,他又补充说他拿走了我的衣服和体恤衫,我对这些都无意追究,我愿意将这些东西送给他留作纪念。但这些东西是在我不在家时他拿走的,是未经我同意就被拿走的。我只是将这些东西提供给他使用,就如同我将房子借给他住一样。我感激墨镜哥没有将我的房子也搬走。

12. 墨镜哥来我家时身无分文,他说他还欠洛杉矶房东100多房租钱。我曾同意代他交还欠款。

13. 墨镜哥有成千上万的饭,唐柏桥不过是那些曾经同墨镜哥有关通信联系的崇拜者之一。我敢说,唐柏桥至今都不曾见过墨镜哥。如果见过,请唐柏桥说明见到墨镜哥的时间和地点。否则,唐柏桥一再宣称是他给我介绍了墨镜哥,又是他接走了墨镜哥,那未免是沽名钓誉欺世盗名!

14. 墨镜哥在我家里时几乎是每天制作一个反党视频,激励中国的茉莉花革命,我愿意为这些视频承担责任。墨镜哥离开我家后就被禁声,被迫发布跟中共合作的视频。唐柏桥声称是他让墨镜哥认清我是骗子,并让墨镜哥不再同我合作。那么请唐柏桥为现今被失声被和谐的墨镜哥承担责任!

15. 墨镜哥在他的视频中辱骂我:“刘刚发的文章,有一百个跟贴,其中有90个是骂他,另外的十个是他自己用各种马甲自吹自擂!”好么。我只是在独立评论和我自己的博客里发表文章。我在这里只有一个网名,那就是我的真名。我真的不曾发现有哪些人对我的文章进行吹捧。如果有,大家不妨查查有哪个网名是我的马甲。也请墨镜哥指出到底哪一个马甲是我的。



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Morgan Stanley, Pfizer, Bernstein are Accessaries of the CCP

Morgan Stanley, Pfizer, Bernstein are Accessaries of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) in the Unrestricted War against the U.S.A.

1. Why I was listed on the top of most wanted by the CCP?

I, Gang Liu, am a well known Chinese dissident and have been on the top of targets of the CCP's most wanted list. See fig. 2.

I was a key student leader during 1989's Tiananmen pro-democracy movement. I was listed as No. 3 on the monst list by the Chinese Communist government. I was sentenced to 6 years in prison, which is the longest for all student leaders, due to my important role in the pro-democracy movement. When I was jailed by the Chinese government, I am the only political prisoner who has been interviewed by the Chinese Communist owned media including the People's daily, as well as the Western news agencies including New York Times and American Association. See the following two figures.

Thanks to the helps of the Clinton government, I escaped to the United States in April 1996. I immediately enrolled in the Columbia University. In 1998, I started to work as a Scientist at Bell Labs and I have published several technical papers and have dozens patents approved. Since 2003, I moved to Wall Street and have worked as a financial analyst for Citigroups and Morgan Stanley.

I continued to be active in the pro-democratic movement in China. Here is a short list I have been contributed or involved in:

1.1. In 2005, I was the initiator and organizer of the Commemoration for Zhao Ziyang.

1.2. In 2005, I was the initiator and organizer of the Chinese Velvet Action Committee. Many of its members inside China were arrested and gave long term sentences.

1.3. In 2006, I initiated and co-organized the Simulated Election on Internet for the Chinese Democratic Government, which is an educational and political movement to promote the Election in China.

1.4. In 2007, I intiaated the protesting and demonstration in major cities in China. Although the major objective was to memorial the Chinese-Japanese war, the real target is the CCP government.

1.5. In June 2009, I published a book titled "Tiananmen Pandora" both in Chinese and Janpanese, to memorial the 20 years aniversary of the 1989's Tiananmen demonstration.

1.6. In Sep. 2009, I started the organization "Tear Down This Wall" and intiated the "Tear Down This Wall" art exhibition tour, to celebrate the 20 years aniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and to memorial the 20 years aniversary of the 1989's Tiananmen demonstration. The art exhibition was hosted by the "American Arts Club" in New York and the Capital Hill in Washington D. C.. The picture on the right shows Congresswoman Carolyn Moloney showed up at the Art Exhibition in New York.

1.7. In Dec. 2010, I initiated the Commemoration for Qian Yunhui.
1.8. In Jan. 2011, I initiated and organized the Chinese Jasmine Action through internet, and the Jasmine Revolution Movement is still on going in China. Many Chinese activists were arrested by the CCP. The right figures show some of my posts to call for the Chinese Jasmine Revolution on twitter. In some posts, I attached the twitter ID of Ai Weiwei, Shitao, and Wang Lihong. All of them were arrested by the CCP! The CCP thought it was posted by them or they were involved in the Jasmine Revolution. Later on, I posted several articles to claim that Ai Weiwei, Wentao, Wang Lihong were not relevant to these posts, I myself am fully responsible for the initiation of the Jasmine revolution. Ai Weiwei and Wentao were soon released. Ms. Wang Lihong and I had communicated through phone several times before she was arrested. That could be one reason for the CCP not release Wang Lihong.

1.9. Starting from March 2011, I called for the Jasmine Balloon Movement in China. I also contacted with several Chinese wholesaler to purchase air Balloon for this movement. The Chinese Communist has forced the balloon wholesaler to sue me and to defame me on the internet.

1.10. With the helps of Han Feihu, I created 20+ videos and posted on the internet to motivate the Chinese Jasmine revolution. To created these videos, Mr. Han Feihu lived in my house from April 28th to June 2nd, 2011. He disapeared and was most likely kidnapped by the Chinese government from my house on June 2nd, 2011. Here are two samples of such videos:

Video tape 22: The Communist evils are comming!

Hu Jintao is listed on the most wanted by the Jasmine Action!

2. Unrestricted War initiated by the CCP against the USA.

Due to my important role in the Chinese pro-democratic movement, I was listed at the top of the most wanted by the CCP. The CCP is still chasing me and harassing me even I escaped to the United States. The CCP started the Unrestricted War against me and thus against the United States.

Unrestricted Warfare (literally "warfare beyond bounds") is a book on military strategy written in 1999 by two colonels in the People's Liberation Army, Qiao Liang (乔良) and Wang Xiangsui (王湘穗). In fact, that book is just a training text book for the Chinese spies and military terrorist agents. Many of the Chinese Military agents with well trained Unrestricted warfare skills have been sent to the USA and have been the soldiers in this unrestricted war, and I am one of the victims in this dirty war.

The picture at the right side is a snapshop from the following website:

According to this book, the major target of the Unrestricted War is the United States, the main attacking straties include Legal warfare, Economic warfare, Network Cyber attack, and Terrism attack. I myself have been exprienced all these attacks!

3. The CCP sent a military officer to spy on me and to destroy my life!

Since 2006, the Chinese Security Agents has contacted me through phone to threaten me and to lure me. They sometimes told me they would help me to find a lady to set up a new family. I thought they were joking. However, they really tried that.
Since then, several ladies had tried to approach me through various methods. I rejected most of them.

On June 7th, 2007, another lady, Ms. G, approached me through internet. She invited me to go to her home in Philadelphia to meet her. I met her on June 9th in Philadelphia. After a few hours chats, she asked me to have a quick marriage with her. After a few times meeting with her, I finally agreed to marry her. That is the begining of the desaster!

One month later, she moved into my house in New Jersey. Then she kept asking money from me, and eventually controlled everything in my life, including bank accounts, mortgage accounts, and she could access my email and banking accounts, even I changed my password frequently. She could mimic my signature to write checks to herself.

In April 2010, I happened found that Ms. G was a Chinese military officer! It was her mother happened tell some of my friends about her daughter's military background at a party. I also found several documents to show that Ms. G is an active Chinese military officer. The image at the right is one of such documents.

To protect herself from being exposed to FBI, Ms. G desperately to threaten me and to destroy my life through her military skills. She sued me through false accusation and put me into prison 3 times! The picture on the right is one of the documents that was used by Ms. G to prove that I had crimial records. It is definitely not me!

Ms. G also submitted emails to the court and claimed I violated the restraining order by sending her email. However, my attorney found that the email was sent from China and I have never been in China since 1996!

These are just few ways used by Ms. G to false accuse me and to defame me! It is exactly the "legal warfare", which was listed as the first strategy listed in the "Unrestricted Warfare"! Ms. must get help from the Chinese military to get such emails and criminal records. She herself couldn't access my email to send such faked emails, while the Chinese military agency has such kind skills to do that.

In her resume, Ms. G claimed she was a graduate of "Shanghai Second Medical University". Actually, she was a graduate of "Shanghai Second MILITARY Medical University". She omitted the key word "MILITARY" and changed her school from military school to a civil school!

On Sept. 9th, 2010, Ms. G herself confessed at the court that she was a graduate of "Shanghai Second MILITARY Medical University" and received her bachalor degree in 1996. Based on the Chinese law and the rules for the Chinese military schools, we can easily derive the following conclusion:

3.1. Ms. G enrolled in the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) in 1991.

3.2. Ms. G must be awarded a military officer at least the rank of lieutenant. The picture at the right is a snapshot at the website It indicates that all graduates of Military University should be granted at least the the rank of lietenant, and would be promoted to a higher rank within 5 years. Ms. G has mentioned that she was granted the Senior Lieutenent when she graduated from the military university in 1996, due to her exellent work and she received several times of "The Third Class Hero Medal of the PLA". Then, Ms. G might be at least the rank of colonel after she worked 15 years in the PLA.

3.3. As all Chinese military officer must be the member of the CCP, Ms. G must be member of CCP.
3.4. The picture on the right is a snapshot of the website:。
《中华人民共和国现役军官法》. It is the Chinese Law about the PLA acitve military officers. It indicates that a military officer with the rank of lieutenent must serve in the army at least 16 years. That means, she can't retire from the PLA until 2011! Unless she can show the document for her retirement from the army, Ms. G must be an active military officer of the PLA.
3.5. The picrue on the right shows that any military officer can't travel abroad nor go to school abroad unless is sent by the Chinese General Political Department of the PLA for special missions. Then, Ms. G must be sent by the Chinese PLA for special missions. That special mission is part of the Unrestricted War against the United States!

3.6. Ms. G used faked ID to enter the United States, to enroll in University of Chicago, and to find jobs in high profile US corporations.

Had she exposed her military background to INS, she would have been rejected from entering the USA!

Had she submitted her transcript from military school to the University of Chicago, she would have been rejected from enrolling the school!

Had she put exposed her military backgrond in her resume, she would not have been hired by Wyeth nor Pfizer!

Had she exposed her military background to me, I would not have married her now apply green card for her!

Ms. G Lied to INS, her school, her employers, and her husband!

3.7. Ms. G received $60,000 anual allowances from the Chinese Military.

The picture on the left showed that there are hundreds military training camps in civil universities in China. All of these students have to be enrolled the army and become military officers. Most of these military officers would be sent to the United States or other western countries as secret military spy agents. China trained as many as 10,000 such kind military spy agents every year. At least thousands of such kind secret military agents would be sent to the United States to join the Unrestricted War. How many Chinese military officers are in the United States as sleeping cells? Much more than the Paramilitaries terrorism sleeping cells. These Chinese military officers are well trained for the Unrestricted warfare and are ready to start Legal-Economic-Network attacks against the United States!

Ms. G, a Chinese secret military agent hiden in the USA, is very dangerous to the people of USA and to the security of the United States. I myself has been frequently attacked by Ms. G. The Wyeth is another victim of the CCP and Ms. G.

Ms. Yan Qingxin and her sister Ms. Zhang Qi are both Chinese Military officers living in Washington D.C. now. They helped the CCP kidnapped the Chiese Human Rights activists Wang Bingzhang and Peng Ming. They also filed 40+ domestic violence lawsuit against another Chinese dissident Mr. Zhang Hongbao and eventually have Zhang Hongbao killed in a car accident.

I hope the FBI and INS would pay attention to all the Chinese Military officers hiding in the United States. They are starting the Unrestricted War against the United States!

2. Pfizer is a Accessaries of the CCP

Pfizer has provided protection to the Chinese Military officer Ms. G, even Pfizer knew Ms. G was a Chinese military officer one year ago. I reported to Pfizer about Ms. G's military background in July 2010. Instead of investigatinng Ms. G's background, Pfizer sent two lawyers to meet me and threaten me. Ms. G and the CCP have played important role in the merge of Pfizer and Wyeth. Pfizer is trying to cover up their illegal activities in the merge with Wyeth.

Ms. G originally worked for Wyeth, responsible for stratege planning for the North American region. During the pricing negotiation with Canada government and insurence companies, Ms. G gave extremely low prices for Wyeth product to Cananda. We all knew that the pharmathutical products are exetremely low in Canada than that in USA. Ms. G first invited some Chinese software engineers to manipulate the pricing tool used by Wyeth. I happened saw Mr. Hank Wei, a Chinese software engineer to help Ms. G to manipulate the pricing tool in my house. Ms. G were so scared and told me what she did is illegal and would be arrested. She asked me to keep quite about that. Ms. G made Wyeth struggling for survive and eventually merged with Pfizer. It is the Chinese Military agents made this merge. Through this merge, The Chinese government had Pfizer to coorpoerate with China, and have bribed some Canadian VIPs to work for the Chinese government.

4. Mr. Bernstein is a traitor of the United States

Mr. Bernstein has provided many helps to Ms. G, even he knew Ms. G was a Chinese military officer. Mr. Bernstein has raised large amount money
for Ms. G, find lawyers for Ms. G to sue me and sent me into prison three times based on lies. Bernstein also helped Ms. G to approach other high profile VIPs, including Warren Buffett, who is among the list most interested by the CCP.

In October 2010, Mr. Bernstein raised $50,000 from a lady, who has donated to Human Rights Watch $30 Million. Immediately, Mr. Bernstein deposited that amount money to his private banking account, even he clearly said it was a criminal activity. Then, Mr. Bernstein asked the Human Rights in China and the PEN Association of America to transfer the money to Ms. G's personel account.
5. Google is another victim in Unrestricted Warfare

Google, along with Morgan Stanley, Citigroup were all Cyber attacked
by the Chinese Military. All these attacks are quite related to my
activities. I got warnings form Chinese security agents about the
attacks. Morgan Stanley fired me on July 8th, 2011. I have evidence to
show that the CCP gave pressure to Morgan Stanley to fire me. I will
submit law suit against Morgan Stanley separately.

Google has openly protested the Chinese government and closed its
business in China. The Chinese government accessed google email
systems, especially targeting at the Human Rights activists. My google
email were accessed by the CCP security agents, and they used to send
email from my gmail accounts. I was arrested due to such kind emails.
I listed Google as one of the defendants, actually, I just want to
have google to be witness. I believe that my lawsuit will help Google
and other US corporations from further Cyber attacks from the Chinese
military. I wish google would understand this.

The following 3 figures show that Google was attacked by the Chinese government, and Google gave official statement to state that Chinese government was mainly interested in the Google email accounts owned by Chinese Human Rights activists.

The following 5 figures show that my Gmail accounts were frequently accessed by the Chinese security agents. They created Email accounts similar to mine, and sent emails pretended to be me to other people. Then, the military officer Ms. G used such email to sue me and sent me into prison. Google is responsible for protecting my email accounts from accessed by intruders.

6. Morgan Stanley is Accessary of the CCP

In August 2009, I joined Morgan Stanley.

On June 28th 2010, I participated a joint training program, which gave financial lectures to some Chinese Students in Beijing through video conference. There were about 20 Morgan Stanley employees gathered in a conference room located in 1585 Broadway, New York. And there are were about 40 students gathered in the conference room in Beijing.

The Chinese Communist has started the so called Unrestricted War against the United States. By definition, the unrestricted war is a war through Cyber attacks, take advantage of the US legal sytem to destroy American citizens, to damage the financial systems through well organized illegal trading activities, and so on. Dr. Wang Bingzhang, Mr. Peng Ming, Mr. Zhang Hongbao, and Mr. Gang Liu are all victims of such Unrestricted War initiated by the Chinese Commuist.

To protect my life and freedom of speech, I have to stand up to fight back. I will go to the Congress to let the law makers to know the serious situation of our America in the Unrestricted war and ask for the American government to fight back against the Unrestricted war started by the Chinese Communist military forces.

Please check the attached files for more details.

Also, I hope you can help me to distribute the attached files to the lawmakers,the member of the congress.